adidas straightjacket?

i’m officially insane.

i rode 40 miles this morning with a much needed stop to pick and eat as many blackberries as i could find. this area is rife with blackberries and they are ripening. i had to spit and rinse after one. i think maybe i ate a resident spider. it reminds me of the time i grabbed a muffin in the dark and only after biting down did i realize my hands and mouth were full of ants. they taste bitter just so you know.

i wheeled home with help from stevie ray vaughn, elvin bishop and the pretenders in my ear.

after a light lunch i biked to the pool to do a straight 1500 yard swim-all freestyle, no flipturns, no breaks until a sip of vega beverage just before cooldown laps.

i rinsed in the outdoor shower, put on my running gear and ran out the door of the swim facility and onto the running path. i timed myself to do a 30 minute run as i had done a 25:34 5k a week earlier in a hilly race and figured the flat path and non-race pace would be around a 5k at 30 minutes.

then i rode my bike home.

it was a good test. maybe i will do a sprint triathlon next spring. who knows? it’s fun. it helps with the grief. i’m meeting fellow insane athletes. i’m heading toward being in the best shape of my life at 53.

i just need more sleep. and so i go off to do that part of my training right now…

but i do need to climb up on the roof to see the spectacular sunset…


top secret training aid available at trader joes



august bumps along and is taking the summer with it. i will admit i never have really liked the fall. people at work are quite excited about the college football season coming around in a couple of weeks. i don’t want to hear of it. i don’t want the summer to end. eating dinner out on the deck, drinking cold beer after a long bike ride or a run and sleeping with just a top sheet are small pleasures that evaporate when september rolls up.

rainy days will be here soon. we need the rain after this very dry summer but sometimes the rains last a week.

and of course barb died in early september and i’m not sure that month will ever be the same for me.

i’ve found that life’s rough bits are best tempered by a good dose of distractions. i’m not avoiding the painful realities but i am finding some balance by two things; good company and quality distractions.

i’ve got some good friends to join for an adult beverage, watch movies, eat in restaurants and just sit and talk. someone wrote that “no man is an island” and this is very true. i need people in my life to bounce off of or i risk going nutty.

earlier this year i wrote about joining a bicycling club. i’ve had a great time both improving my cycling skills and socializing. i also may have found a solution to my autumn melancholia-cyclocross.

team members have raved about “cross” all summer. it’s a fall/winter sport typically where one rides a modified road bike over off-road, rough terrain, sometimes carrying the bike to go up over over obstacles, with great amounts of mud everywhere and on most everything.

i went to my first clinic last night to learn some basics and came away completely hooked on the sport. i have learned over the years that people who know how to do things well generally love to teach others about that thing, especially if you admit your ignorance and show great interest. last night most in attendance were veterans of cyclocross. they were really helpful and supportive to those of us who are beginners and it was a great introduction to the world of cyclocross.

i don’t have any photos to post yet unless i sit here and learn how to export from facebook to wordpress. i won’t be doing that tonight. i need sleep. i have a long club ride in the morning and a 5k footrace in the evening.

there are some good things that come of fall. the birds return to the yard, NHL training camps open and the streets are empty on saturday afternoons for cycling and running.

and fine scotches and ports are tasty at day’s end.


wren says digging big holes in the lawn is much easier in the soft soils of autumn.

stay tuned…

f**king glorious

Imageit’s in the books. 100 mile ride through what is surely quintessential pacific northwest wilderness. 6000 feet of elevation change, sun, clouds, hail and rain but had a great time.

a couple of us even saw a black bear cub. it ran across the road 20 feet from us. no mother bear in sight so we picked up the pace and got out of there.

i spent a lot of time taking in the scenery even though the pace was pretty fast. i thought of barb so many times, that she would have loved the beauty of the Aufdeheide.

surely i’ll sleep well tonight.

Note: pasting this into BITMoment blog on Monday. went swimming yesterday and felt fine. ran tonight and the legs were very much not happy to be out there but i slogged through and finished.


i haven’t ridden a century in at least ten years. the last one was with barb when we rode out around McKinleyville on a supported 100 miler. seems like we even camped out the night before at some fairgrounds. a year before that we did one through california wine country around napa and yountville. i had a flat with about 3 miles to go adn was so tired i just rode my rim to the finish.

on august 10th i’ll be headed to westfir near oakridge, oregon to ride the Aufderheide. there’s significant elevations and so i’m trying to get in lots of hills in these preceding weeks.

tomorrow i hope to get started early and do a 70 miler to walterville and back. it will be a new route for me which is always fun. i was told it runs along a river most the way. it’s been overcast for a couple of days and so it won’t be as hot as recent long rides. i bought some electrolyte  powder packets today to sample before i go on the century. i need to be very careful about hydration and also what i drink to hydrate.

the past month i’ve been alternating swimming, running and bicycling days. in past years i was solely a bicyclist but i feel better mixing it up every three days.

hope you are getting out and enjoying the season. i had hoped to plan my summer carefully but i have found that i am basically just rrying to get out and have fun in balance with house chores and work. there’s a century in Trinidad CA near to Arcata and Eureka in september. that could be something to plan so i have something to look forward to in what could be a difficult month.

stay tuned.


cool disc wheel on a bike ridden by the local women’s team named The Poplollies.


British Cyclist Froome Rides To Victory In 100th Tour de France

love to see the entire team and not just Froome.

CBS San Francisco

PARIS — Chris Froome won the 100th Tour de France on Sunday, having dominated rivals over three weeks on the road and adroitly dealt with doping suspicions off it.

In two years, Britain has now had two different winners: Bradley Wiggins in 2012 and then Froome, a cooler, calmer, more understated but no less determined character than his Sky teammate with famous sideburns.

Froome rode into Paris in style — in the canary yellow race leader’s jersey he took on Stage 8 in the Pyrenees and never relinquished, vigorously fending off rivals whose concerted challenges turned this Tour into a thriller. Froome and his Sky teammates linked arms as they rode for the line.

The 100th edition was visually stunning, too, starting with a first-ever swing through Corsica, France’s so-called “island of beauty,” before veering through the Pyrenees to Brittany and then across France to the race’s crescendo in the…

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