cross season

for the few who actually tune into this blog, i’ll post a few results from my cross season. i was prepared to take it off to rest my ankle but after a test run on a short track course a few weeks ago i decided to go for it and get my license for another autumn of fun.

i went to the short track race the following week and was at the start. i had felt good in the preview laps but got schooled at the start which was an immediate hill climb and was at the back of the pack the entire race just trying to pick off a few riders. last year was my first season and so i raced with the beginners, getting a top 5 finish in every race. my team manager joked the entire season and off season that i was a sandbagger since i did so well as a rookie.

and so i am moving myself up a category to the C level where i face much stiffer and younger competition. that showed in the short track race but i learned a few things. it was a 1 mile bumpy and dry track. we went ten laps and i flatted out at the strart of lap 10. i ran with my bike for the final lap to avoid the DNF distinction.

the local twilight series began this week out at camp harlow. they had spread loose pea gravel along some of the roads which made the course very different from last year. out was my favorite long stretch where i could pass. now i was trying to stay upright as my front was fishing around for solid grip.

i held on with a selection of riders for the 4 laps of the 2 mile course and felt good about passing one chap at the very finish. i was 8th out of 23 in my category. that was a good ride for me.

i went to a clinic tonight and learned a few more things to try. saturday is another local race, the pycho cross series. i’ll line up at 10am and give it my all. at the end it’s fun to place well but the real fun is just being out there, loving the sport and thinking about the next race even as you’re gasping for air at the end.



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