adidas straightjacket?

i’m officially insane.

i rode 40 miles this morning with a much needed stop to pick and eat as many blackberries as i could find. this area is rife with blackberries and they are ripening. i had to spit and rinse after one. i think maybe i ate a resident spider. it reminds me of the time i grabbed a muffin in the dark and only after biting down did i realize my hands and mouth were full of ants. they taste bitter just so you know.

i wheeled home with help from stevie ray vaughn, elvin bishop and the pretenders in my ear.

after a light lunch i biked to the pool to do a straight 1500 yard swim-all freestyle, no flipturns, no breaks until a sip of vega beverage just before cooldown laps.

i rinsed in the outdoor shower, put on my running gear and ran out the door of the swim facility and onto the running path. i timed myself to do a 30 minute run as i had done a 25:34 5k a week earlier in a hilly race and figured the flat path and non-race pace would be around a 5k at 30 minutes.

then i rode my bike home.

it was a good test. maybe i will do a sprint triathlon next spring. who knows? it’s fun. it helps with the grief. i’m meeting fellow insane athletes. i’m heading toward being in the best shape of my life at 53.

i just need more sleep. and so i go off to do that part of my training right now…

but i do need to climb up on the roof to see the spectacular sunset…


top secret training aid available at trader joes


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