i haven’t ridden a century in at least ten years. the last one was with barb when we rode out around McKinleyville on a supported 100 miler. seems like we even camped out the night before at some fairgrounds. a year before that we did one through california wine country around napa and yountville. i had a flat with about 3 miles to go adn was so tired i just rode my rim to the finish.

on august 10th i’ll be headed to westfir near oakridge, oregon to ride the Aufderheide. there’s significant elevations and so i’m trying to get in lots of hills in these preceding weeks.

tomorrow i hope to get started early and do a 70 miler to walterville and back. it will be a new route for me which is always fun. i was told it runs along a river most the way. it’s been overcast for a couple of days and so it won’t be as hot as recent long rides. i bought some electrolyte  powder packets today to sample before i go on the century. i need to be very careful about hydration and also what i drink to hydrate.

the past month i’ve been alternating swimming, running and bicycling days. in past years i was solely a bicyclist but i feel better mixing it up every three days.

hope you are getting out and enjoying the season. i had hoped to plan my summer carefully but i have found that i am basically just rrying to get out and have fun in balance with house chores and work. there’s a century in Trinidad CA near to Arcata and Eureka in september. that could be something to plan so i have something to look forward to in what could be a difficult month.

stay tuned.


cool disc wheel on a bike ridden by the local women’s team named The Poplollies.



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