i had some deep tissue work done on my ailing hamstring last week. i was told to try running on it. i hadn’t run since the injury i early May but put on my brooks and hit the pavement.

i did timed minute intervals with minute resting walks and finished with two minute intervals. the leg was a little sore by the end but not anywhere near the pain of May and early June. i’m optimistic that one more session with Kathleen will have me up and running again.

i’m getting some great rides in this month. the weather has been ideal and so i’m riding almost daily. tonight i did some hills. i got caught in a downpour but had packed a light raincoat. i was mostly concerned about moisture getting into my ipod since the screen is so badly cracked. i also had found a couple of books being given away and didn’t want them to get wet. by the end of the ride only my butt was still wet.

tomorrow if the rain holds off i’ll be giving S a lesson in shifting technique so she will be a confident rider on her beautiful new Felt bike.


can’t pass up free books…



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