bike in shapes

i was just about to get changed into my cycling clothes for a solo fitness ride when i saw a facebook posting for a group ride called Bike in Shapes. it was going to start at a brewhouse close to my house in the whiteaker neighborhood.
i made a quick decision to go.
this group organizes a monthly ride where they map out a shape and ride the outer edges of that shape. today’s shape was a triceratops dinosaur. i did some investigating and the photos of past rides indicated to me that this was a short, slow social ride. that’s exactly what it turned out to be.
we assembled outside of Ninkasi. i had also guessed that it would be mainly 20 and 30 year olds and that was exactly right also. they handed out small maps.

there was a good mix of men and women, old and new bikes (and a unicycle). there were just a couple of us wearing cleated cycling shoes. tattoos were abundant.
the group was celebrating it’s 3rd birthday and a cupcake showed up with candles. after some brief fanfare around the birthday we took off.
the pace was leisurely which i very much enjoyed. it’s rare these days for me to ride slowly.
we even went Critical Mass on the ride when taking over a lane of the very busy 6th ave for a few blocks.
we eventually came back around to Ninkasi where they coincidentally have a Tricerahops beer on tap. i decided to head home and have some dinner rather than drink beer. i had a vague notion of going to a movie, renting a red box movie or watching the tail end of the basketball game with friends. i did none of the above, and after dinner i finally cleaned the week’s worth of kitchen build up and got to bed.
next month the shape is Mount Hood and i was told it would be a longer ride. i’ll put it on my calendar. it’s a bike ride with others and that’s what i need these days.

a bonus sight on  my way back home

a bonus sight on my way back home


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