sunday the 28th of April already

with my head-cold still holding fast i didn’t have much energy after work for a long ride. my throat was very sore and so i needed a day off from any exercise. i’m more than willing to overdo most things and especially exercise. there were a few things i needed at the grocery store and so i hopped on my townie and went to Freddy’s.

garden hose- wren ruined at least two last summer. we spliced together a couple but i needed a reliable length for watering the gardens.

sprinkler- i also needed a new sprinkler. i have no idea what happened to the few i’ve bought over the years. maybe they are in the gardens somewhere or hidden in the tool shed.

penta water- it costs a dollar less at Fred than where i work.

i bought a heavy front rack from a local rack builder a few years ago. it’s been a very useful buy. i’ve used it a lot and it’s still solid. it’s handy for things like groceries and coiled hoses.Image

the folks at the store where i buy wren’s kibble are always impressed that i can carry 50 pounds on my bike.


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