april the 27th

i was entertaining the thought of riding in the Roubaix race today. then this head-cold settled in to stay and i knew i wouldn’t have nearly the pep to make the race fee pay off. i did decide to ride out to the race and cheer on some of my mates on the Bicycle Way of Life team. i headed out the expressway on my cervelo and ended up on the checkermallow bike path which dumped me near to a good spot to stop and watch the riders.

after seeing a few familiar faces go by i decided to head home. looking around i noticed i was close to the infamous Greenhill hill. being so close, of course i had to try to climb it. i could also look to my right and see the race as i climbed and climbed. it wasn’t as tough as advertised.


view from the top

i came across a very nice catholic center about halfway up.


there were some very well kept gardens barb would have appreciated. there was a statue of the virgin mary. i’m not catholic but i do find comfort around the Virgin. i collect images of the virgin mary. there are quite a few different interpretations. this statue was an odd one. baby jesus looks more like a cherub.


i got to the top and there was someone spraying chemicals on the roadside weeds. lovely to be huffing and puffing and have monsanto crap in the air. i headed down the other side and enjoyed a good descent.

an afternoon nap was on the schedule…


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