26th, a friday in april

my head was very unhappy when i woke up today. i’d imagined that the increased congestion and such was just due to a brutal pollen season. but i’m willing it call it a headcold now. it’s my first of the season which is remarkable for my lack of sleep and stress over the last 9 months.

it’s a day off and so i had a few errands to attend to in the afternoon. i only get things done in the morning on fridays if i have some appointment that kick starts my day. otherwise i lollygag and have little to show for myself before noon.

extra credit if you can name barb’s favorite sports movie that has a scene about lollygagging.

anyhow, the neighborhood has a new postal carrier/driver who never leaves her truck. no attempt to deliver any packages. also no postage due envelopes left in one’s box. the former carrier left tiny envelopes for the coins we had to hand over on postage due mail. 10 cents, 14 cents, 32 cents. i liked to pay with all pennies.

i got a slip noting that a letter was being held hostage back at HQ from my friends at Gloucester Gateway. where was the wee envelope?

i took my townie down the bike path by the river, slipped by the sewage plant with thanks for the wind going north and popped into the PO. no line! incredible luck. i was thinking that there would be something grand coming for that 20 cents but it was just an envelope and not even a thick one. i grumbled. she apologized. i said i was going to leave a pile of change in my box for future events. she said the carrier never removes anything from out of boxes.

i did get some cool stickers to put on my townie courtesy of The Gateway!

since i was nearby i stopped at Fred Meyer grocers and bought a few bottles of Penta water. i love Penta water. i’ve been surviving on it from around a month before barb died. i was drinking a lot of it in the weeks after she was gone. i had to refill my tanks from all those tears.

later i took my allez across town to watch my soccer club play. it’s hard to watch since i’d love to be out on the pitch. but this hamstring isn’t going to get better if i aggravate it by playing. they lost but are improving each week. we play against experienced teams and most of El Fuego are beginners or people playing again for the first time since high school or 5th grade gym class.

the ride home in the dusk was chilly. the next day my rear tire was flat.


chai on the run



4 thoughts on “26th, a friday in april

  1. bob

    Good old Uncle Frank. I cannot believe he shorted you on postage. He owes you. Congrats on the 30 days.


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