april 25

woke up with a head full of wet sand. after grinding out a shift at work i went to my gym for a spa workout to hydrate my sinus cavity in the steam room. the pool was empty and i had to take advantage and so i put in a quick 1000 yards.

i got home and figured i’d be having a relaxing afternoon and evening. i’ve needed to finalize an outline for the June memorial for barb for a few weeks. i absolutely need to finish it by the end of the weekend was the deal i struck.

then i see that there is a thursday night ride. V emailed that it would be an easy spin since she had a race Saturday and a 100 mile ride sunday. i had to go. i head out on solo rides far too often and it’s important for me to be hanging around with people.

we met at the bikeshop and it was announced we would be climbing up Fox Hollow. i don’t know the elevation gain but the climb begins exactly where you hit FH off of amazon and it just doesn’t stop.

we climbed and climbed and climbed. there’s one last steep climb and then the top. someone installed bench up there that affords quite a view. i’d like to put a bench somewhere for barb as a memorial just like that.

we pulled over at the fire station and got some photos and then started the descent.


i called out See you at the bottom.

but i actually did catch up to the others even though i was still a bit conservative in my downhill speeds.

we rolled along the flats and back into southie. i peeled off and went to Pegasus for a to-go pizza as it was my reward for getting up that hill. i sat outside and watched the cafe society. the pizza shop is next to where i work but i rarely see the place at night. it’s quite the hangout. families dining outside Laughing Planet after soccer practice. couples having a brew outside 16 tons alehouse. market of choice patrons enjoying some grub from the kitchen or bakery. and of course many were having a pie and beverage from Pegasus.


i asked them to put my pie in a small box and was thinking of a leftovers size box i could fit in my jersey pocket. but they foiled wrapped the slices (medium gluten free aegean topping) and put it in a small pizza box. i quickly came up with how to transport it the remaining 6 miles to my house.


still warm when i got home and mighty tasty




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