april 23-24

i stacked up a few appointments with my team of professionals who keep me in the game. Tuesday was a chiropractic date to work on the hamstring. that was painful but range of motion much improved. they give out dark chocolates at the end of appointments. last month i gave mine to the guy outside the post office playing the recorder. he only plays when people are walking near to him. when backs are turned he takes a break. i have no idea what he’s playing and i don’t know if he knows either.

wednesday was a day for massage. i’ve been going to a husband and wife team for about five years. i first worked with the wife and eventually went through the ten step series of body alignment sessions.

i’ve been working with the husband since about when i finished the series. he can quickly identify where i’m jammed and remedies things nicely. today i completely zoned out on the table even though he was doing some deep tissue work. i wouldn’t call it sleeping exactly but i’m certainly floating around somewhere else.

was running late for both appointments and so i rode my allez. getting places in half the time than when riding the townie. not sure if it will ever change but each time i’m hustling to some appointment i kick myself for not planning my time more efficiently. wouldn’t it be fitting to ride casually and slowly to a massage?


Overheard a guy shouting, “It’s not all about me. It’s not all about me.”

Stopping to watch the people climbing the basalt columns.

I like the relaxed feel of the Friendly neighborhood in south eugene.

The figures on the walls outside the chiropractor’s office are unique.


Cycling along the river is relaxing, on the way home…



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