22 april

got out on a late ride this afternoon. ended up doing Fir Butte loop. a week ago i was riding through driving rain and then hail. tonight it was clear and warm.

had a sleepy afternoon after napping at the acupuncturist office. i rarely take naps beyond 10-15 minutes because i’m so groggy afterwards. barb was a master at the nap. seems like there was a nap every sunday afternoon when we lived in chico. sundays here in eugene were always clogged with school work.

i always watch for the wee self serve flower stand to open up in the spring on Fir Butte. there’s also a farm stand that is just selling eggs so far and a buffalo ranch with an anatomically correct statue of the beast at the gate to the property.

this month has really flown by. it’s been fun to challenge myself to riding as much as i can.

i still need to install my bike computer on the Cervelo and the rack on the Honda. of course there’s mowing, watering, grocery shopping, buying dog food, planning barb’s memorial, stretching the hamstring…if only i wasn’t working 40 hours.


adding chard from the winter garden to the juicing mix tonight.



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