april the 21st

i’ve worked sundays since i was hired at my job back in 2007. for a long time i worked saturdays too. then with a shift in responsibilities i was given fridays and saturdays off. that’s not bad. it would be superb if sunday off was tossed in too.

it seems like every week my cycling buddy G forgets i have to work sundays. it especially happens if we skipped riding our usual saturday morning ride. he’ll suggest a sunday AM spin and i remind him of my obligation.

today i did a slow 500 yard swim and came home and did a bit of gardening. the weed situation is just on the verge of chaos but i’m chipping away. with little to no rain this spring the buggers have a handicap.

i got on my townie and headed a few blocks over to the poetry box.


there’s a quiet effort in eugene to bring poetry to the people. i’ve found three of these boxes around town. today i was the beneficiary of a poem by Louise Crane entitled Letter to N.Y.

i stopped by a small pond and watched some ducks and the tranquility was good.


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