april 20

last night i rode my townie to south eugene to watch my soccer club play. i’m recovering from a hamstring strain and very frustrated over not being able to play. i rode over with my friend P. he chose to ride up one of the steepest hills and then we climbed even more hills to get to the field. i was tired by the time i arrived and still had to ride back home later. after the ride with V earlier i’d done about 50 miles of hilly riding.


El Fuego soccer club in red too fast to be captured clearly on film


i left the game early so i wasn’t riding home in complete darkness. the team won and is now 1-2 on the season. lots of naggy injuries throughout the team. not sure if i might be retiring from the game for good now. i want to do some sort of racing this summer and i’m not happy about this hammy pain.

today i had a men’s grief retreat to attend downtown. that was a short and flat ride. i got choked up talking about losing barb. i miss her every day.

a friend came to visit on her way back down south to Chico. she also lost her spouse to cancer in the fall. it was good to have someone to talk to so intimately about loss. we joined G & S at Sarver winery west of town and tasted some excellent wines. after dinner we chatted more and then i had to get to bed with that 3am alarm coming far too soon.


view from the winery



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