a friday in april 4/19

V contacted me via facebook and asked if i wanted to ride friday. i go on far too many solo rides and so i agreed. it was raining lightly when we met up but we had dressed appropriately and off we went.

she suggested climbing Fox Hollow to the top. i’d climbed to the willamette turn many times but not to the crest. it was a warm day and so the rain was tolerable. a cold and wet ride is not fun.

the descent was really fast. i was on a bit of a hyper alert having crashed in the rain just a couple of weeks earlier. i’m also a little conservative when descending some route for the first time. next time will be a little different.

here’s someone’s video of that same descent posted on youtube in 2011.

barb hated to go downhill. she was all about the brakes. she might not have even gone down this particular hill. she had a strong fear of heights. i remember using the gondola at OHSU when she had to go up the hill from the cancer center to the hospital for some procedures. she was nervous thinking about it but i have a photo of her with a big smile while we were traveling up and the car was swinging slightly. what a gal!

we rolled along Lorane and down Chambers hill where we parted. it was a good ride with some chatting, joking and stories. the sun was coming out as i came near to home.

i now have a new route for my collection.


what direction for my next ride??


2 thoughts on “a friday in april 4/19

  1. zengarden2011 Post author

    No J, i didn’t get a speed rate since i still haven’t installed my bike computer. will ask V. her speed will be impressive as she was tucking more than i was.


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