april the 14th

with the hamstring strain and my shoulder acting up i’ve had to cut back a shade on my yardage at the pool. i’d gotten up to a 2250 consistently but have cut back to 1500. there’s been some loose discussion around some workout chums doing a relay triathlon. i’d be the swimming component. i’d be up for it though the bike race in such a short distance would be really fun.

after my 1500 i still felt like getting some fresh air and so i headed off on my road bike. some fellow riders had shown me a lovely little climb and i was eager to give it a try. i climbed up the long, steep Chambers hill and was pleased to find that i wasn’t feeling ill as i hit the top like i had the last time i climbed it.

the climb up Blanton past the tv towers was a challenge but the view back over the city from the top made it worthwhile.


i came back down the other side of the Blanton hill and ended up in south eugene. i had to work in the morning and so i hustled back home to have some dinner and roll up at some reasonable hour and get some sleep.

the damn month is already half over. i’m happy to have accepted the challenge of riding somewhere every day. i feel like i’ve gotten back to riding downtown to errands like i used to. i’m using all three of my bikes. i’m seeing lots of curious things on these rides.

i’m climbing that goddamn mountain. i think barb would approve.


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