april 13

when we lived in chico we belonged to a gym called Chico Sports Club. it was a great facility with two pools, yoga classes, weight training and exercise machines and towels. you forget how great it is to have towels until you join a gym where you have to bring your own.

we spent many evenings at the club, mostly swimming. once in a while one or the other of us would be the first to the pool from the locker room and would detour to the hot tub. the other would appear and follow suit and we would set aside our goggles and have what we called a “spa workout”.

we’d lived in town and been members of the club long enough so that often we would know others in the tub and we’d have a good chat. or we’d enjoy our time together and talk to. many decisions large and small were made in that hot tub. relaxed and rejuvenated we’d go out to eat and then head home happy. these are very good memories.

saturday i was feeling the effects of the Roubaix ride and decided to go to the gym for a swim. i got on my Allez and headed down the north river trail. i arrived and felt very little energy and quickly realized it was a spa workout day. i sat in the streamroom until i was rubbery, took a shower and returned home.

i know i’ve been exercising a lot but i still feel it is keeping me afloat. this day off was good for me.


reminds me of the magnolia in the yard in chico



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