9 aprile

a coworker has ridden his bike to work almost every day for at least the six years i’ve been with the company. that’s very impressive. he was on a heavy townie for a while. one night i was at a local bike sale run by the Eugene bike group called GEARS. i called V to tell him about a nice Kestrel that was for sale and might be his size. he came and bought it and has been using it for his commute.

since then he and his wife have had a baby. i noticed that his brake shoes were well beyond needing replacement and got the idea to swap them out for him. he’s too busy with his family to deal with such a detail but it’s really important for someone who rides in all types of weather in the eugene south hills and at night to have good brakes.

i rode to my neighborhood bike shop, Clink, and bought some new shoes/pads. i like supporting really small businesses like Clink. the owner is a nice guy. i had him do a tuneup on my specialized a couple of years ago. i’d like to sell barb’s bikes through him if he does commission sales.

i quietly replaced V’s brakes and went into the store to warn him that he should be careful as they would be much more responsive. he’s was really surprised. i refused payment telling him he deserves it for his dedication to bike commuting.

i washed my hands and left. a random act of kindness. barb was given some daffodils while sitting in the waiting room at the radiologist, a gift from a stranger. these simple acts are very powerful, resonating quite far. i won’t soon forget how happy those flowers made my sweetheart during a trying time.Image


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