8 avril

did you expect the post to be in French? i took years of French in school but i’ve only maintained some phrases and a good bit of vocabulary. barb spoke the language quite well. if i needed a translation she was right on it. i was always impressed by her ability to hold on to things she learned.

with continued short term labor cuts i again had a monday off. on nights before a day off i stay up late, very late. it’s not a good habit. ideally i would be heading off to sleep at about the same hour as a worknight.

where does the time go? i get home late from some sort of athletic endeavor, log on to see if the bruins are winning, make dinner, deal with the dog, write a blog entry, do laundry, clean up from dinner, read one page and fall asleep. there’s no tv in there, rarely a long phone call, no homework from some class.

oh well. life is a strange brew for me now and i’m just staying afloat. i find myself living more in the moment instead of projecting far into the future. we’re taught to work towards this attitude in Buddhism. life is more rich and rewarding if we enjoy and focus on what we are doing moment to moment. much suffering is avoided by not looking so much forward or backward but being present in the moment.

with my hamstring still a problem i figured i’d take the day off from working out. i took my townie downtown for an acupuncture appointment. i get great naps during treatments. T puts in the needles and then tells me he’ll be back in a bit. i completely sack out and wake back up with good energy.

there was a light rain falling as i headed home but it was still light out. i took a new route home through a bit of skinner butte park, avoiding the 5:00 commuter traffic and wren howled when i rode up, furious with me for leaving her alone. she was fine after a bowl of kibble and i went to check on the bruins.


the 45 foot columns in skinner butte park used by climbers.



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