april 7

enough of these wee rides. it was time for a longer ride on my road bike.

i get out of work at 1 on sundays and usually go to the pool. weekends at the pool are a bit more congested because it’s open to everyone of any age. but it’s a hell of a lot more interesting than weekdays of just older guys.the lap lanes are still reserved for those of us there to do some yardage while the families frolic over on the open side. i did 1500 yards without flipturns as i was still nursing that hamstring strain. it felt fine in the pool which was encouraging.

the weather was a mixed bag that day. sun, showers, clouds, wind were all in play. i waited out a downpour by making a few phonecalls. when the sky cleared i rushed out on my bike. i had no idea where i wanted to ride that day. i just got going and ended up in south eugene near to where i work. it was very quiet on the streets which is fantastic for cycling.

i got on some streets i hadn’t ridden on before and ended up climbing up into hendricks park. this is a hilly area to the east of campus with a great collection of homes. it’s also where steve prefontaine died in a car wreck.


the cervelo climbed the hills nicely. i took a few photos of garden gates and pathways. i loved looking at houses with barb.it got more fun after she had taken some architecture classes and could point out things to me.



i headed down out of the hills and started towards home. i stopped to use the restroom at alton baker park and my bike slid out from under me as i turned towards to the building. i came down hard on my hip and shoulder. no torn clothing and no bike damage. ive got some good old fashioned road rash but arnica has been helping. the last time i crashed my bike was in that same park. my other shoulder took that hit. in talking to another cyclist we realized that the mossy, pebbled surface of the walkways there are unsafe for bikes when they are wet.

note to self…



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