april 5 & 6

when we lived in chico, ca we had to drive 1 1/2 hours to sacramento to shop at rei. it was a big treat to go to the store. here in eugene i can hop on my bike and be there in ten minutes. i certainly shop there more often now, being so close.

on friday i wheeled over to look at wireless bike computers to install on my roadie handlebars. i was thinking about a garmin unit but it’s ridiculously expensive to get the models with gps capabilities. the less expensive garmin model didn’t offer much more than a cat-eye or sigma and a cadence sensor would have cost extra.

i’m not a bicycle tech nerd and don’t need to record my watts or have a map of where i’m going. i won’t download my ride results to Strava and compare my intervals to my buddy’s intervals.

i just want to know how fast i’m going, how far i’ve gone and the rate at which i’m pedaling. the sigma gives me all that for a fair price. i returned a timex computer that was far too complicated for me to use and so i had a sizeable credit to use towards the computer.

i’m writing this a few days later and the unit still sits in it’s package. i’ll get around to installing it maybe by the time i get that new saddle i’ve been talking about for two months.

on saturday the bike club i joined was having a team photo shoot at the sponsor store. my riding buddy G and i met there. i took my townie even though it was raining. i’ve got raingear. water isn’t going to interrupt this bicycling streak of mine. i recently read a book about a woman who read one book a day for one whole year. she did it to help ease the grief she was feeling over her sister’s death. that’s real dedication. i can make it one month getting on one of my bikes once a day.

the food table was ransacked by the time we arrived. that seems typical for cyclists. i declined an offer of a cup of the local brew Ninkasi as i was on some pain meds after injuring my hamstring in a soccer match the night before.

we all wore our team shirts and posed for a few photos. it was raining again as i departed. i stopped at rei on the way home to buy a wind faring for the car rack i have for the CRV. we had a rack on our old subaru wagon for a long time and the wind made a racket as it passed over the rack on the freeway. the faring should help. i typically ride out my door but with the rack i might head out and explore this big, old state of oregon.


hop valley coming to the neighborhood


for anyone willing to come to eugene for a visit, i will finance a brewery crawl. there are going to be three breweries within walking distance of the house very soon. exciting times in the whiteaker neighborhood…


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