april 4

sometimes i just have to go out and see a movie. there’s a little cinema downtown that shows just-out-on-dvd films in small rooms with lots of comfy chairs. it’s called The David Minor, named for a local guy who passed away.

i went downtown on my townie in the rain. i stopped in at my friend P’s house to chat about our upcoming soccer game. he was kind enough to lend me a pump for my soft tires and some lube for my squeaky chain. i carried on and went to Lucky Noodle to have an adult beverage before the film. i tried something they call an Italian Cowboy. Tanquerey, lime juice and some other tasty things. it was very refreshing. i was a tad peckish after my workout at the pool and so i ordered a plate of spring rolls. barb loved spring rolls. we ended up eating at lots of Thai restaurants over the years because they best served our combined dietary restrictions. i’m a gluten free vegetarian with a tendency toward veganism. barb was an omnivore but was also gluten free.

the movie was called This Is 40. i’d put in a clip here but i was cheap and just got the free blog. i can’t post any video.

it stars leslie mann and paul rudd as a LA couple going through a rough patch in their marriage. they were characters in the movie Knocked Up. i think she was the sister of the pregnant woman in KU. if you’re a fan of musician Graham Parker you’re in for a treat.

anyhow, many funny scenes especially with Melissa McCarthy of Bridesmaids fame. don’t leave the theater or your couches early or you’ll miss a hilarious deleted scene of McCarthy.

i loved seeing and hearing barb laugh at the movies. toward the end my sister was visiting us and we all watched Bridesmaids. barb had already seen it twice but still laughed hard over a couple of the scenes. she was mostly sleeping at that time so it was special for her to be up and in the living room with us. i’ll never forget her sitting in her wheelchair and laughing.

leaving the cinema is always a little tough. movies are a good escape from me but back out on the quiet, late night street and chilly air brought me back from sunny LA to mossy Eugene.

the ride home was uneventful and wren was very pleased to see me return.


i love native artwork from the northwest and alaska. this is a detail from a gateway at a local school on my route to downtown.



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