april 2

this was going to be a tough day to fit in any riding.

i got out of work at two and went to the pool. i was home by four and played fetch with the dog. i wonder how long she would fetch. i bet she could go for hours. no testing that today as i had to be at soccer practice at five (i’ve signed on for no good reason to play on a co-ed team after taking ten years off) and then was meeting a friend at six forty five to take her to buddhist sangha.

busy bee am i.

i decided to jump on my townie and ride down the street to the thrift shop to see if they had any soccer shin guards. there’s probably a universal slang for various bicycles one owns.

beater- the bike you ride and never lock up because it’s really unlikely it will be taken. if it is taken it’s no big loss.

townie- this is a bike you ride around town on errands or maybe for commuting to work. it gets locked but often is out in the rain. it doesn’t get waxed and probably has at least one rack.

roadie- this is the bike for training, riding centuries, touring. it doesn’t get locked because away from home it never leaves your sight.

back-up or retired roadie- you could use this on your indoor trainer, convert it to a fixie or use it when running late for therapy or yoga and the townie would be too slow. it could become your townie. you swallow hard when locking it knowing you’re taking a big chance and you’d mourn the loss.

currently i don’t own a beater. barb and i had lots of bikes between the two of us. some were stolen. some fell apart. others were given away or sold. i still miss my old peugeot and could see myself buying another of the same vintage some day. if i could find the exact model and size i’d be hard pressed to not buy it.

i rode my townie a lot when i first bought it second hand here in town. i commuted to work daily for a couple of years and then that fell off when i got the early morning schedule. barb didn’t like the thought of me bicycling at 4am.

this 30 day challenge may have me back on that steed for short trips and downtown runs.

i found shin guards at the store. it’s a christian based thrift store that benefits teens. they stand out on the sidewalk waving sale signs trying to draw customers. barb liked my joke that they should hold up signs reading END OF SALE IS NEAR.

it was a short ride but it counts.

are you ready for mowing season? clearly not a sit down model.

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