april 1

i had the day off from work due to some labor cuts and so i thought it best to take advantage of the nice weather and go for a long ride. i got dressed and jammed a power bar into my pocket. i neglected to bring my pump which i discovered late in the ride and ended up not needing. i got two flats in the first week i owned the bike but haven’t flatted since. the difference has been my keeping the tire pressure up. with low pressure i got pinch flats from running over some debris and some railroad tracks. my floor pump was an ancient beast from the late eighties. it’s been a fine piece of italian equipment but it wasn’t getting me the pressure levels i needed.

i went to the bike shop a few weeks ago and came away with a bright orange pump that was 15% off due to a couple of paint scratches. now my tires are always pumped to a set pressure. with the new bike i had no ability to carry a pump on the frame. coincidentally my ancient frame pump blew up just before i got the new bike. i now have a compact pump i can carry in my jersey pocket, when i remember to do so.

McKenzie View Drive is a 28 mile round trip from my house. it’s an out and back not a loop but with a rolling terrain there are challenges either direction.

today i decided to tack on another ten miles to the 28. my gemini nature came through for me and i decided to do the loop in the opposite direction than the usual.

it turned it into a totally new ride. bicycling can be boring at times. it’s not as boring as doing lots of laps in the pool, but it can be a bit monotonous unless you have a really chatty ride partner, music or you go out on a new route.

I saw:

a romantic porch swing hung in a woodsy area by a stream.

a sign that read Caution Blind Dog.

a tree twice the circumference of a phone pole chewed down to a half foot diameter by beavers but still standing.

very few other riders and none that waved back. i find the non-acknowledgment to be very strange.

i was surprised that the dog at the one house didn’t chase me when i came from the opposite direction but then i was on the other side of the road.

my ipod was on shuffle but i was fortunate that it played a lot of aerosmith and REM. i downloaded a charity compilation to support the japanese tsunami victims. it’s 38 songs long, 30 of which i like and then there’s Bieber, Katy Perry, timberlake, groban, buble and keith urban. apologies to any fans but there’s also Bon Jovi and i really don’t like them. i haven’t figured out how to nix those tracks off my ipod and sometimes they come on during a climb when i need something more inspiring.

i only rode once with barb here in eugene. she was so busy with school that we just never had the time. we rode many times together in chico and even did a couple of centuries together. i was looking forward to us returning to those rides once we settled into the next part of our lives. her road bike is hanging in the shed. one day i’ll need to decide what to do with it but it would be far too sad to do anything yet.

april is here. there will be days of rain but i’ll just put on my raingear and get a little wet. i can do thirty straight days.


cool rock formation at the turn off coburg onto Mc View. barb was a fellow nature nerd and we always liked discussing these sights.



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