riding in april

i’ve signed on for a challenge where you ride your bike every day in the month of april. you can ride long or short or however far you want. the important thing is to get on your bike seat and just go.

i’ll chronicle these days of april here. it won’t be simply about bicycling. i’ll have photos, observations from the saddle, reports from my various destinations, recollections of my late wife Barbara of course and maybe even a few songlists from some of my rides.

i’m a bicycling addict. i’ve loved bicycling since that day in my childhood driveway at 204 Larch Row when i found my balance and was instantly hooked.

i’ve raced a little, commuted a lot, never ridden a tandem.  i go out on training rides year round, own just three bikes, have cried while riding, rarely watch the tour de france but love reading about it. I’ve had two bikes stolen, love the art of the fixie bike scene, have yet to join the annual nude bike ride, got ticketed for running a red light at 1AM, am disappointed over lance. i once swerved to avoid a dog and watched my front wheel fold in half as hit the road with my head, didn’t persuade santa to bring me a stingray, messengered in boston and got 8 flats in one day on a tour of new england (but didn’t cry).


i’ve also seen a bike with a lawn mower attached and one with a weber grill

when april is done i may continue to blog about cycling. my neighbor thinks i should consider doing triathlons. i do much swimming and bicycling but not running. i’m skeptical but as soon as this nutty co-ed soccer season is over i may start doing some running and will have a new angle to report on from my perch atop my cervelo R3 roadie, specialized allez back-up roadie/trainer and trek multitrack townie.


classic. i had a sweet LeMond Peugeot that was stolen in Chico.


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